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CKP~ come to the ATL and let's go see the movie. I'm with you 100%. Your point about using it as discussion is wonderful. It is insulting to me that any church would think I do not have the capability to read a fictional story and still maintain my faith. Heck, shouldn't we boycott murder mysteries. And I won't think about what these churches would say about my grocery store romance novels! Those are sinful too!!

I keep getting reminded why you are so fantastic. Move to Atlanta soon!

Andrew Gorman

I got a kick out of the fact that Mrs. Coulter is just using the church to advance herself - so the REAL message is that the church is evil AND stupid, right? Thanks for the insights, Charlsie - I'll keep your thoughts in mind as I begin THE AMBER SPYGLASS!


This Sunday our pastor talked about "they're taking Christmas away" in his sermon and in it said "the devil's greatest ploy is giving Christians something less important to worry about." I thought that was fitting.

Miss you Chuckie!


I would totally join the facebook group READING THE GOLDEN COMPASS DID NOT MAKE ME AN ATHEIST!

But of course then I would have to read the book, which normally I would not be inclined to do, but if it has the power to make me an atheist, then I think it might be something worth checking out. I'll let you know. Is there like a blood test or something that you can give me afterwards to make sure I didn't turn into an Atheist? I mean what this book is so powerful it turns me into an Atheist and I don't even know it???

(I'm obviously working very hard "drafting discovery")

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