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TSC Girl

I can only pick FIVE?!?! That's going to be HARD. I'm going to need to think about this.


Somehow I missed the directions on how to play...? I pick 5 Christmas songs I like?


I heard Hard Candy Christmas on the country station last night for the first time, and yeah - it was really depressing. You have some strange tastes, girl!


LOL...you're a good sport, Charlsiekate! I love the fact that you did your own thing with this. You're probably the first Christmas Song Game rebel!

I'm also laughing at the comment about watching concerts with your dad...my mum and I do the same thing. Usually I'm still decorating the tree on Christmas eve, so I kind of half watch it.

Will definitely check out the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album...looks like a fun one! :)

TSC Girl - I know, it hard. I change my mind every day too.

Meg - the most depressing part about it is that the radio station told me yesterday that hard candy christmas is the #1 requested song during christmas. Wow. There are some happier Dolly songs. Oh well.

Kat - be glad I'm not a child in your class. I was an explotion who couldn't follow the rules. Also, my artisic ability has never been very strong - although I had the best art teacher in high school who made everyone feel like they could create something wonderful.

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