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I'm so glad you posted about these nursery rhymes! My mom was just singing Mammy's Little Baby over thanksgiving. Which in no way makes it politically correct or acceptable, but I still sing it to Sammy. I also love I've Been Workin' on the Railroad and, my all-time favorite, You Are My Sunshine.

Charlsie Kate

That is so funny! The whole reason Mammy's little baby has been going around in my head is because my mom likes to sing it to Briscoe. Briscoe loves that song. It has quite a catchy tune.

Brian D.

Okay your half marathon time beat mine by over and hour and a half. Hopefully you didn't have a foot cramp the entire time like I did. Nice job.

Concerning football: nothing is better than screwing over your main rival's dreams and the dreams of some big time program. Victory is sweet.

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