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I don't run, because I was born with a club foot. I had to have braces on my feet when I was a little baby in my crib. If I do run, I have a funny run. Think Phoebe in that one episode of Friends. But more club-footed.

What's all this hype about Bojangles? Is the Bojangles in Wrightsville atypical of most Bojangles? Cause that's the only one I have eaten at, and it's nothing special.


Ever since we ran after the lawn boy, I too have been on a running kick (despite my aging and aching knees)....And, I couldnt agree more, Kat thinks I am sick because I crave the long, slow gradual inclines....especially in the 88 degree weather. I love the burn! I also like to pull hairs out until it hurts. Kidding.....but goes along with the other masochistic (sp?) type behavior. Love you! Wet hair rocks and looks better I thinkonce it dries....more body.


Mack - So you don't want to have a footrace next time you are in town?

I'm sorry your bojangles experience was less than awesome, you should try another one. Because it is totally great.

Betsy - I think part of the reason we are friends is because we like to sacrifice the body. But I don't pull my hair out - only my eyebrows.

I'm not confident that my hair needs any more body. It is taking over my life.

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